Mitigation of induced seismic risk in urban environments

Project: Academy of Finland project

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UH-VTT-GTK research consortium is studying, how to mitigate induced seismic risk associated with deep geothermal power stations in the Helsinki capital region? Small low magnitude earthquakes pose a risk to the critical tremor sensitive infrastructure such as hospitals, data centers, underground construction. Risk can be mitigated with transparent permitting, seismic monitoring and regional planning. The project will publish a set of seismic hazard maps of Finland and assess the potential impact of seismic waves on different parts of the capital area via 3D models: shear wave tomography, conceptual soil and bedrock model. In addition the project will study the different roles the national, regional and municipal governance in the wicked permitting processes. It will also study what sort of information and at what level of detail do the authorities need on induced seismicity and associated risks?
Effective start/end date21/08/2030/11/23

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