Modelling Crisis Management for improved action and preparedness

  • Heikkilä, Anna-Mari (Manager)
  • Venho-Ahonen, Outi (Participant)
  • Räikkönen, Minna (Participant)
  • Kunttu, Susanna (Participant)
  • Molarius, Riitta (Participant)
  • Jähi, Markus (Participant)
  • Rosqvist, Tony (Participant)
  • Peltonen, Ulla (Owner)
  • Rouhiainen, Veikko (Owner)
  • Yliaho, Jussi (Participant)
  • Kojo, Heta (Participant)
  • Kupi, Eija (Participant)
  • Piira, Kalevi (Participant)

    Project: EU project


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