Navigating technological disruptions with technological foresight

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Technological disruption and change operates across economic, political, and cultural dynamics. The introduction of science, novelties, legislation shape technological development and destroy and out-date existing business models. A central question in literature is the emergence of technological disruptions and their ability to renew industries. Often seen through a Schumpeterian creative destruction yielding economic benefits, but also having broader impact across our daily life. The ever-increasing pace of technological development is rapidly creating stronger implications across economic, political, and cultural domains, leaving for example industries without a viable business model.

The above highlights two themes that are extremely central to industry. First, where does technology emerge. Second, which technologies have a capability to create disruptions to existing constellations of industry . These two points have the following applied implications:

1. We need to better identify technological opportunities quicker, reliably and in a continuous manner (Emergence)
2. We need to contextualize novel technological opportunities to specific firm (Corporate foresight)

The central theoretical contributions are to the lacking theory and measurement of technological change and its impact to corporations strategic options.
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