Novel indicators and technologies for oat quality and applicability

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Oats have potential to be globally important due to the need of shift to plant based diets and special health effects of oats. As Finland is already one of the world’s biggest oat producers, Finnish oats and oat product traders have unique opportunity to ascend in the leading position in global markets. In order to reach this aim, profound joint research, core experts and innovations are needed in the field. During the last few years, the utilisation of oat ingredients for e.g. snacks, drinks and meat substitutes has increased in global markets. However, the influence of different oat varieties and batches on different quality parameters and technological properties is not known which cause challenges in processing and food production. Therefore, the development of new oat-based raw materials and food products as well as the development of global export strategies are challenging. OATHow –project aims to boost the internationally competitive oat innovations by assessing quality indicators for oats and their applicability in distinct food processes. Thus, OatHow will empower Finland as a forerunner in contributing to the sustainable food chain, which responds to the
consumer’s changing dietary habits. In addition, OatHow will facilitate innovations on Finnish oats by building world-class expertise on adjusting the food processes based on the quality indicators of distinct oat batches. Further, the utilisation of oat raw materials of uniform and excellent quality will give Finnish industry a competitive edge to export successful oat-based products and to innovate new products and technologies of global relevance. OatHow will also give asset for breeding of new oat cultivars with specific and unique characteristics. Overall, OatHow will help to meet the growing demand of plant-based foods in a sustainable manner.
Effective start/end date1/01/1930/09/21

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