OECD TIP project on R&D intensity as a policy target: case study Finland

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The case studies conducted by volunteer countries in the context of the TIP R&D intensity as a policy target project (2019-2020) will focus on exploring country policy experiences in setting and reaching R&D intensity targets, as well as their implications in terms of inclusiveness. They will specifically investigate the implementation challenges faced, how they have been addressed and lessons learned over the years of the use of R&D intensity targets or other types of targets to foster innovation.

Layman's description

R&D intensity targets have been a popular policy tool as to boost economic growth. However, what the experience is with these targets in terms of their design, implementation and results is not clear. Picking up on earlier work done by the OECD on this topic the TIP OECD project "R&D intensity as policy target" aims to collect and summarize up-to-date knowledge and evidence from around the globe. On demand from the Finnish Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment our team contributed to this OECD project with an extensive Finnish case study. The Finnish case study was finalized and will be published by the OECD along the final project report during the first quarter of 2021.

Key findings

OECD TIP will publish final project results during the Spring of 2021.
Short titleR&D policy targets
Effective start/end date16/01/2010/09/20