POLicy instruments and Incentives for Circular Economy

Project: EU project

Project Details


The project is about identification and description of different policy instruments that influence and incentives that promote and boost Circular Economy (CE). The implementation ways of the policy instruments and incentives are described and an in-depth evaluation of the efficiency of positive and negative policy instruments will be conducted. Additionally, interviews will be performed, to complement the findings from literature review and analysis. Besides knowledge creation, dissemination is in an important role in the project, with, e.g., a workshop being organised. The project will deliver new knowledge on the influence of policy instruments and incentives on CE as well as the ways the most effective ones can be implemented to boost circular economy. All stakeholders that wish to advance CE in the society and industries will benefit from the POLICE project: EU, individual countries and cities, industries and industry organisations, policy makers and civil servants, academia, non-governmental organisations and individual citizens.
Effective start/end date10/06/1931/12/19