Productivity with Internet of Things

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Increased productivity is vital to the future of Finland and Europe. We can sustain the western living standards and contribute to the global future only by being the home to world-class industry.

VTT’s spearhead programme ‘Productivity Leap with Internet of Things’ (Pro-IoT) seeks to capture the opportunities presented by the Internet of Things as a powerful enabler of productivity gains.

To achieve the desired impact – maximal improvement in industry productivity and in renewal of industries – two target areas were selected for the Pro-IoT programme: Global Asset Management (GAM) and Smart Lighting (SL).

The machine and vehicle industry is a heavy user of GAM technologies while SL is a highly promising new industry and a new business area in its own right.

Layman's description

The next big technology disruption will be the internet of things. Use of existing lighting systems for new purposes e.g. guiding light, health, decorative and informative uses will expand, while using 50 % less energy! Similarly, using IoT technologies remarkable savings and increase in productivity are expected in industrial asset management, e.g. in fleet management.
Short titlePro-Io-T
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