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Quantum technology (QT) utilises the discrete states and dynamics of physical systems for practical applications. Many of the devices that we use in on daily lives are actually based on controlled quantum phenomena, that are well known by the scientist for more than a century. Examples of such technologies are transistors, light emitting diodes (LEDs), photodetectors, lasers, GPS/atomic clocks, MRI/MEG scanners for medical imaging and solar panels.

However, there are a number of peculiar quantum phenomena, such as entanglement and superposition, that only today are understood well enough to be translated into real life applications. This change is not happening by chance but is based on decades of persistent work to understand the quantum realm, to develop fabrication processes and methods for nano-scale devices that can be used to run experiments on these phenomena in laboratory environment, and to develop theories and computational methods that help to interpret and understand what is really happening and what could be achieved next.

“Quantum Technology 2.0”, that aims at harnessing these phenomena, represents a completely new set of standards, where device performance is not limited by the classical laws of physics but instead is described by more versatile quantum dynamics. QT 2.0 permits more powerful computing, provably secure communication technologies, unmatched simulation capabilities, higher sensitivity and precision sensing and new measurement types, from atomic up to macroscopic length scales. It provides unparalleled technological and societal impacts in sectors ranging from high performance computing to secure telecommunications and from chemistry/medicine to energy.

QTF is an eight year (2018-2025) major scientific effort to investigate and harness quantum phenomena in the solid state. It builds on a long tradition in the chain of Centres of Excellence since the establishment of this programme in Finland in 1995. The centre is formed around ten strong research groups focusing on experiments on single quanta in solid state and device physics, theory of open quantum systems, and engineering capability to implement quantum technology. QTF is a global leader in thermodynamics and control of heat in quantum circuits, thermal microwave detection on hybrid devices made out of 1D and 2D materials cooled down into deep-mK regime, as well as on industrial-level production of superconducting sensors. It brings together the national key players to lead Finland into the era of QT 2.0.
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