Sensitivity and risk informed seismic hazard updates

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This research initiative outlines a plan to provide a best-practice update to the Finnish seismic hazard models and to improve the reliability and quantify the uncertainty of the inputs of the seismic hazard analyses. The project culminates in developing harmonized, site-independent ready-to-use seismic hazard maps in Finland.

The project is divided into three work packages: the first one (WP1) provides synthetic data for utilization in hazard analyses. The second work package (WP2) will focus on mechanisms in the vicinity of the plants that can reduce the free-field hazard. The results will be integrated in the update of the seismic hazard models in WP3. Thus, the research initiative is composed of many research questions belonging to the challenge of analysis of seismic hazards.

Layman's description

Earthquake hazard estimation methods are constantly evolving, as data from new events and collected with more sophisticated techniques becomes available. Analysis of such data often leads to updates of the understanding of the risks posed by earthquakes in the future. In this project we use some of the updated techniques.
Effective start/end date1/03/2331/12/25

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