Smart Mobility Integrated with Low-Carbon Energy

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A well-functioning, cost effective and environmentally friendly transport system is in the aim in the TransSmart spearhead programme. The main objective is to put the sustainability of the transport system on track as a whole. Elements of the development platform for this transition are low-carbon energy, clean and energy efficient vehicles, powerful ICT solutions, and smart mobility services combined with the management of the related socio-technical change.

TransSmart develops new operations models, services and products for the various actors in the field of transport. Business opportunities and exports are boosted through development of, e.g., efficient and clean fuel and engine technology. The programme also covers electric power trains and fuel cell power plants. Smart transport services and associated ICT applications are also seen as opportunities for boosting business.

Through its systemic approach the TransSmart programme supports public decision making and facilitates cost effective fulfilling of the efficiency and emission reduction targets set for the transport sector.

The programme results can be exploited with a short lead-time to exploit business opportunities and to improve competiveness of the Finnish transport related industry. TransSmart programme is a multi-dimensional framework for transport related research enabling the co-operation of private and public sectors for common goals. The preceding TransEco programme (2009–2012) laid the foundation for this kind of cooperation.

Layman's description

A systemic approach is required for the transport sector to meet the challenging targets for quality of services, efficiency and minimum environmental impacts. Actors should move from subsystem optimization towards understanding and
optimizing the total system.
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