Standardisation of concentration measurements of extracellular vesicles for medical diagnoses

Project: EU project

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Improving measurementaccuracy for a new class of biomarker (extracellular vesicles) as a diagnostictool.

Extracellular vesicles(EV) are cell-derived particles in body fluids that have excellent potential asnext-generation biomarkers for early diagnosis of common diseases. Currently,there are no reliable methods for characterising EVs.

Project develops proceduresand reference materials to standardise all aspects involved in the detection of EVs by flow cytometry.

VTT MIKES optimises its atomic forcemicroscope for traceable size determination of EV reference materials andbiological test samples.

Call 2018: Metrology for Health

This project has received funding from the EMPIR programme co-financed by the Participating States and from the EuropeanUnion’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme.

Effective start/end date1/06/1930/11/22

Collaborative partners

  • Dutch Metrology Institute (VSL) (lead)
  • BA66 National metrology institute VTT MIKES
  • Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing Berlin (BAM) (Project partner)
  • LGC Group (Project partner)
  • Laboratoire National de Métrologie et d’Essais (LNE) (Project partner)
  • German National Metrology Institute (PTB) (Project partner)
  • Academic Medical Centre Amsterdam (AMC) (Project partner)
  • Exometry B.V. (Project partner)
  • Research Centre for Natural Sciences (TTK) (Project partner)
  • University of Helsinki (Project partner)
  • BD Switzerland Sàrl (Project partner)
  • PolyAn Gesellschaft zur Herstellung von Polymeren für spezielle Anwendungen und Analytik mbH (Project partner)


  • EURAMET e.V.


  • extracellular vesicles
  • biomarkers
  • flow cytometry