Sustainable binders and coatings

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SUSBINCO project will develop innovations to substitute fossil-based binders and coatings with bio-based solutions. These solutions are urgently needed to produce safe alternatives, reduce greenhouse gases and dependency on fossil-based raw materials. The focus of the SUSBINCO is on bio-based binders and sustainable coatings which can be used in packaging, paints, adhesives, sealants, and abrasives.

Conventional binders are mainly made from fossil-based polymers which cause environmental and safety concerns as crude oil is a finite and non-renewable resource, and the extraction and use of fossils are linked to many environmental problems and climate change. A transition is needed towards sustainable binders and coatings, which are eagerly sought after by the industry.

Bio-based binders and coatings can significantly reduce the use of synthetic or even toxic chemicals and produce lower emissions. The use of renewable feedstocks is and will become even more important raw material for the future chemical industries. SUSBINCO comprehensively addresses resource use to provide sustainable economic growth and human development.

The developed innovations aim at grasp on untapped market opportunities. All of the markets related to SUSBINCO application areas are expecting strong growth and are trending towards bio-based solutions. SUSBINCO ties in the significant impact and supports the Finnish bioeconomy by developing novel bio-based alternatives to fossil-based binders and coatings.

The industrial partners of the consortium are Brightplus, CH-Bioforce, CH-Polymers, Kiilto, MetGen, Metsä Board, Mirka, Montinutra, Teknos, UPM-Kymmene, and Valmet Technologies. The research organisations of the consortium are Åbo Akademi University, VTT Technical Research Center of Finland, Lappeenranta-Lahti University of Technology, Univeristy of Oulu, Natural Resources Institute of Finland, Tampere University, and University of Eastern Finland.
Effective start/end date1/09/2131/07/24

Collaborative partners

  • VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland (lead)
  • Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke)
  • Tampere University
  • Åbo Akademi University
  • University of Eastern Finland
  • Lappeenranta-Lahti University of Technology LUT
  • University of Oulu
  • Brightplus Oy
  • CH-Bioforce Oy
  • CH-Polymers Oy
  • Kiilto Oy
  • Metsä Board Corporation
  • Mirka Ltd
  • Montinutra Oy
  • Teknos Oy
  • UPM-Kymmene Oyj
  • Valmet Technologies Oy


  • Bio&Circular Finland