Sustainable Organics and metal oxide ICT via biodegradable, high-performance flexible Low-voltage electronics

Project: Academy of Finland project

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The amount of e-waste is expected to increase due to the growing use of single-use electronic systems such as entry tickets. New ways of thinking are needed for the sustainable manufacturing of electronics. The project, entitled SOIL, will answer the problem by developing fully biodegradable electronic systems that will not do harm to the environment when they disintegrate. High-frequency components and electronic circuits needed in sensor tags capable of wireless communication will be developed from plant-based materials, or materials that act as plant-nutrients, with the help of materials-saving printing technologies. In addition, energy-saving fabrication processes will be developed through the use of low-temperature film deposition methods. The circuits developed from benign materials on biodegradable substrates will find use in environmental monitoring, for example in agricultural applications.
Effective start/end date1/01/2331/12/25

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