The Next Level of Test Automation

  • Rautila, Mika (Manager)

    Project: Business Finland project

    Project Details


    ITEA3 TESTOMAT Project is about to bring test automation to the next level.

    In the project VTT’s research focused on improving effectiveness and efficiency of software testing. In particular VTT developed techniques and tools that (1) improve efficiency of mutant generation for industrial strength C/C++ software, (2) allow tool integration into development and build environments without modifying build configuration files, (3) allow straightforward integration into test execution environments, and (4) make management of mutants easy.

    The tool is available for interested parties (see the Research Outputs section).
    Effective start/end date1/10/1731/12/20

    Collaborative partners

    • VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland (lead)
    • Comiq Oy
    • Ponsse Oyj
    • Qentinel
    • Symbio
    • Siili Solutions Oy
    • University of Oulu
    • AKKA Germany
    • Expleo Germany GmbH
    • EKS InTec GmbH
    • FFT Produktionssysteme GmbH & Co. KG
    • Fraunhofer institute for Open Communication Systems (FOKUS)
    • ifak - Institute for Automation and Communication
    • OFFIS e.V.
    • Parasoft Deutschland GmbH
    • Axini
    • Testwerk
    • Open University of the Netherlands
    • Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research (TNO)
    • Alerion Technologies
    • Prodevelop
    • Mondragon University
    • Bombardier
    • Empear AB
    • Telefonaktiebolaget LM Ericsson
    • KTH Royal Institute of Technology
    • Mälardalen University
    • SAAB
    • RISE Research Institutes of Sweden
    • System Verification Sweden AB
    • Verifyter AB
    • Kuveyt Türk Katilim Bankasi A.S.
    • Saha Information Technologies