Value Indicator Tool

  • Lappalainen, Inka (PI)
  • Klaavu, Antti (PI)

Project: Business Finland project

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The aim of VALIT research project is to develop a comprehensive value creation measurement and management tool for the business relationship context, taking into account the emotional experiences and participatory methods for customer and personnel involvement. Within the globalized and digitalized markets there is a need for comprehensive understanding on the value co-creation processes as well as on the influence of emotions also within business-to-business markets. The outcomes of the project will be:
1) New methods for the analysis of value, the Value Indicator Tool,
2) New customer value co-creation and involvement approaches (e.g. some solutions),
3) Emotions analysis tool in the B2B context,
4) New business concepts based on the understanding of emotions (e.g. the experience layer),
5) New practices for enhancing customer-oriented mindset and value co-creation among personnel
6) Relational partnership network management practices (e.g. identification of critical events, information management, process development)
The project will be implemented in cooperation with four research institutes (Tampere University of Technology, University of Vaasa, Tampere University of Applied Sciences and VTT) and seven companies in the time period 1.1.2015-31.12.2017. The project has a strong international co-operation through firm-based new export and market cooperation in the Middle East market and through joint research activities with six international partner universities.
Effective start/end date1/01/1531/12/17


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