A Methodology for the Design of Safety-Compliant and Secure Communication of Autonomous Vehicles

Roberto Passerone, Daniela Cancila, Michele Albano, Sebti Mouelhi, Sandor Plosz, Erkki Jantunen, Anna Ryabokon, Emine Laarouchi, Csaba Hegedus, Pal Varga

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    The automotive industry is increasing its effort towards scientific and technological innovations regarding autonomous vehicles. The expectation is a reduction of road accidents, which are too often caused by human errors. Moreover, technological solutions, such as connected autonomous vehicle platoons, are expected to help humans in emergency situations. In this context, safety and security issues do not yet have a satisfactory answer. In this paper, we address the domain of secure communication among vehicles-especially the issues related to authentication and authorization of inter-vehicular signals and services carrying safety commands. We propose a novel design methodology, where we take a contract-based approach for specifying safety, and combine it in the design flow with the use of the Arrowhead Framework to support security. Furthermore, we present the results through a demo, which employs model-based design for software implementation and the physical realization on autonomous model cars.

    Original languageEnglish
    Article number8812663
    Pages (from-to)125022-125037
    Number of pages16
    JournalIEEE Access
    Publication statusPublished - 2019
    MoE publication typeA1 Journal article-refereed


    • arrowhead framework
    • autonomous vehicles
    • Contract-based approach
    • heterogeneous design
    • security and safety co-design


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