BIOSMHARS: WP5 Model Validation in BIOS - Physical calibration report: Deliverable 5.2.

Matti Lehtimäki, Ilpo Kulmala, Alexander Tikhomirov

    Research output: Book/ReportReport


    The model validation at IBP included efforts to experimentally explore the feasibility of the computational techniques for describing the distribution of airborne particles in a confined spacecraft analogue environment equipped with a well-controlled ventilation and air cleaning system. The physical calibration was realized with the aid of particle measurements in the BIOS facility. The main aim of these measurements was to clarify how the artificially generated aerosol particles become dispersed and transported in the air. Besides this, the physical calibration also included measurements in which particle deposition on the surfaces was studied.
    Original languageEnglish
    PublisherBIOSMHARS project
    Number of pages20
    Publication statusPublished - 2013
    MoE publication typeD4 Published development or research report or study



    • manned spaceflight
    • bioaerosol
    • modelling

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