Concept design of divertor remote handling system for the FAST machine

G. Di Gironimo (Corresponding Author), C. Labate, F. Renno, G. Brolatti, F. Crescenzi, F. Crisanti, A. Lanzotti, F. Lucca, Mikko Siuko

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    The paper presents a concept design of a remote handling (RH) system oriented to maintenance operations on the divertor second cassette in FAST, a satellite of ITER tokamak. Starting from ITER configuration, a suitably scaled system, composed by a cassette multifunctional mover (CMM) connected to a second cassette end-effector (SCEE), can represent a very efficient solution for FAST machine. The presence of a further system able to open the divertor port, used for RH aims, and remove the first cassette, already aligned with the radial direction of the port, is presumed. Although an ITER-like system maintains essentially shape and proportions of its reference configuration, an appropriate arrangement with FAST environment is needed, taking into account new requirements due to different dimensions, weights and geometries. The use of virtual prototyping and the possibility to involve a great number of persons, not only mechanical designers but also physicist, plasma experts and personnel assigned to remote handling operations, made them to share the multiphysics design experience, according to a concurrent engineering approach. Nevertheless, according to the main objective of any satellite tokamak, such an approach benefits the study of enhancements to ITER RH system and the exploration of alternative solutions.
    Original languageEnglish
    Pages (from-to)2052-2056
    JournalFusion Engineering and Design
    Issue number9-10
    Publication statusPublished - 2013
    MoE publication typeA1 Journal article-refereed
    Event27th Symposium On Fusion Technology - Liège, Belgium
    Duration: 24 Sept 201228 Sept 2012


    • divertor
    • FAST
    • fusion engineering
    • ITER
    • remote handling
    • virtual prototyping


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