Cost analyses of energy-efficient renovations of a Moscow residential district

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    This paper estimates the costs of adapting three different holistic energy renovation concepts both in the buildings and at the corresponding residential district in Moscow. The results represent a baseline for the decision makers when planning implementations of holistic energy renovations in Russian residential districts. In the buildings, the estimated costs included both mandatory less energy efficient repairs and suggested energy efficiency improvements. At the building level, the costs of different renovation packages varied between 125 m-2 and 200 m-2 depending on the selected renovation package. The estimated district renovation costs include both the renovation costs of the buildings and the costs of improving district energy and water infrastructure. At the district level, the costs of the main cases per inhabitant varied between 3360 and 5200. The net present values for different building and district level renovation packages for a 20-year period were also calculated using different interest rates and annual energy price growth rates. The results suggest that renovation of a district may be more feasible than renovation of individual buildings.
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    JournalSustainable Cities and Society
    Publication statusPublished - 2015
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    • cost analyses
    • building renovations
    • district renovations
    • energy efficiency
    • russia
    • case study
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