Demonstrating a cooperative system with an extended single user GUI: COMIC Deliverable D3.4

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During spring and summer 1994 a HyperCard based prototype software application was developed at University of Oulu for creating demonstrations of cooperative systems. This MOI-tool enables users to link user interface objects like fields, buttons, cards etc. between many workstations by slightly extending HyperCards facilities and its graphical user interface (GUI). The objective of the MOI-tool was to support demonstrating cooperative systems in a participatory design situation and the requirements to build it were derived from a small setting of case examples, whereas the ideas for implementation are principally loyal to user interface solutions of Hypercard. This chapter discusses of experimentally demonstrating a cooperative system: a bug handling mechanism, in order to discover differences between the MOI-tool design and the requirements of a possible cooperative system. The experiment results in one exemplary demonstration of a cooperative system with an explanation of breakdowns during this demonstration. These problems illustrate apparently the shortcomings of using user interface objects as a basis for the MOI-tool design fordemonstrating cooperative systems. The paper ends up in a consideration of a possible futureapproach which could mean a change in concepts of tool design to another level of abstraction, in the level where we are discussing of roles, and actors, the objects of articulation work.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationDemonstrator prototypes of Computational Mechanisms of Interaction
EditorsLeandro Navarro
PublisherCOMIC Project
ISBN (Print)1-86220-003-3
Publication statusPublished - Aug 1995
MoE publication typeD2 Article in professional manuals or guides or professional information systems or text book material


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