Determination of high temperature material properties of 15-15Ti steel by small specimen techniques

Stefan Holmström, Igor Simonovski, Fredericus de Haan, Jean-Marc Lapetite, Daniele Balardi, Marta Serrano, Eberhard Altstadt, Jarir Aktaa, Vasile Radu, Hygreeva Namburi, Carlo Cristalli, Rami Pohja, Remi Delville, Arnaud Courcelle

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    This report presents the final results from the round robin test program on thin-walled cladding tubes in the EERA-JPNM pilot project TASTE. The test methods and assessment procedures used for the assessment of 15-15Ti steel are presented in a previous TASTE report 1. In this report the test results from different test types are assessed, compared and evaluated. The collation of results, mainly on tensile properties shows good agreement between tests methods. An open question remains if there is some anisotropy between the axial and the hoop direction of the tubes. Results from ring tension indicate lower strength values than the test performed in the axial direction. However, the ring tension calculated estimates do not take bending and friction into account. Tensile strength estimates from miniature Small punch tests samples (3 mm in diameter and 0.25 mm thick) indicate no anisotropy whereas tests on the full wall thickness (0.45 mm) with larger puncher balls indicate a reduction towards the INR measured tensile strength (Ring Tension) in the hoop direction. The ring compression test estimates based on calibration at room temperature by ENEA showed surprisingly good performance in estimating the tensile strength at higher temperatures despite the complex stress distribution for this type of test.
    Original languageEnglish
    PublisherEuropean Union
    Number of pages118
    ISBN (Print)978-92-79-72278-3
    Publication statusPublished - 2017
    MoE publication typeD4 Published development or research report or study

    Publication series

    SeriesEU Publications
    NumberEUR 28746 EN


    • fuel claddig
    • 15-15Ti steel
    • mechanical testing
    • small specimen techniques


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