Development of slow pyrolysis business operations in Finland: Hidaspyrolyysin liiketoimintojen kehittäminen Suomessa

Leena Fagernäs, Eeva Kuoppala, Vesa Arpiainen, Anja Oasmaa, Heikki Setälä, Marleena Hagner, Kari Tiilikkala, Isa Lindqvist, Bengt Lindqvist

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    The primary aim of the Hidaspyro project was to support and develop slow pyrolysis business operations of small and medium-sized enterprises by overcoming barriers to commercialisation. In addition to charcoal, the products include distillates, tar and gases. Birch distillate is a new innovation in biological plant protection. Slow pyrolysis test runs with different retorts were carried out using hardwood as feedstock. The analytical scheme was developed for the liquid products. The organic content was for distillates 15-30 wt%, and for tars about 80 wt%. The detailed chemical composition of distillates was determined. Methods to separate tar from distillates were developed resulting in tar free and PAH free distillates, which due to their chemical composition are promising to be utilized. Economic calculations based on the test runs were carried out. Based on experimental results and economic assessments, optimal product lines and business concepts were determined. For more profitable business, utilisation of all the products is needed. Potential applications of the liquids as repellents and wood preservatives were studied. Land snail proved to be a very useful organism for testing different samples. All the liquids tested repelled land snails effectively. Active ingredients of the liquids were identified based on the observed impacts on snails and field voles. The efficacy of repellents is based on several different substances. Storing of the liquids over one year did not reduce the repelling efficacy. The stability of distillates in soils, and the potential leaching of distillates out of the soil were studied in a greenhouse experiment. Tasks related to REACH registration of the products, such as pre-registration, SIEF Communication, preparation of IUCLID5 files, notification of CLP, and up-dating of chemical safety reports, were processed for the enterprises and focused on the terms "charcoal" and "pyroligneous acids"
    Original languageEnglish
    Title of host publicationBioRefine, Yearbook 2011
    Publication statusPublished - 2011
    MoE publication typeD2 Article in professional manuals or guides or professional information systems or text book material

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    SeriesTekesin katsaus


    • Birch
    • slow pyrolysis
    • charcoal
    • liquids
    • pesticides


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