Development of the building design process from the viewpoint of production phase

Antti Lakka, Veijo Nykänen

Research output: Book/ReportReport


The aim of the study has been to determine what construction requires of the the design and development process. It sought to point out the bottlenecks in design and to develop ideas for avoiding them. The ideas were then tested in ongoing building projects. The study revealed that building designs were completed behind schedule and were of poor quality because there was no scheduling of the design project and insufficient design control. The study suggests the following measures for developing the design process. Clear intermediate goals must be set while steering the design process. Intermediate goals must include both a schedule and the degree of completion of design at various phases. The report describes a method for setting intermediate goals for the design project. In addition, it suggests how to develop designers' job catalogues to make them serve the setting of intermediate goals better than presently. In the case of projects with tight schedules, the availability of basic data for designers must be ensured when steering the design process. This is realized by asking designers at the start of each design phase what basic data they need from one another and the client during said phase. The report describes the design process for a building construction project. It includes the interdependencies between design phases and the degree of completion of design at various phases. The circulation of recess drawings among designers and subcontractors must be systematized. The entire sector needs an uniform method of denoting recesses and circulating recess drawings. The report describes a method for controlling circulation by attaching a circulation schedule to recess drawing bases. The saving of a drawing list to a microcomputer was tested during the study. The report describes the rules for numbering drawings as well as a database application that facilitates management of drawings on site.
Original languageEnglish
Place of PublicationEspoo
PublisherVTT Technical Research Centre of Finland
Number of pages48
ISBN (Print)951-38-4180-4
Publication statusPublished - 1992
MoE publication typeNot Eligible

Publication series

SeriesVTT Tiedotteita - Meddelanden - Research Notes


  • construction
  • design
  • management planning
  • development
  • projects
  • building sites
  • procurement
  • computers
  • requirements
  • quality control
  • scheduling
  • production
  • phase
  • drawings
  • databases
  • data
  • utilization
  • microcomputers
  • objectives
  • availability
  • contractors
  • facilities management


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