DGSI - Distributed Generation System Interconnection

Risto Komulainen

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The ultimate goal of the project is DG (Distributed Generation) system interconnection (DGSI). That is a novel, intelligent and modular network interconnection unit of consumer/power producer in a distributed power network. The focus in first two years was to create a two-way communicating and controlling interface, the so-called fU-adapter that is the core part of DGSI. The fU-adapter project dealt mainly with the interconnection of fuel cells (DC) with inverter connection, and a wind power unit with AC or inverter connection. In 2004 and after the technology roadmap activities an expanded project DGSI was started with the focus on the intelligent control system concept of the "Virtual Utility". The idea was to control and connect the distributed producers to the customers, while preserving the network stability and power quality both in the normal loading and in fault conditions. New network solutions, such as, microgrids, adaptive intelligent protection, and modern system control principles (forecasting, communication solutions, demand side management etc.) have been studied. Later on the microgrids concept was investigated more carefully. By using that concept, the original objective - easy interconnection procedure - might be possible to realize in the longer run, because a microgrid may act as a single connection node for the supply network despite its internal structure. The concept was indented to be simulated and tested in the real testing environment facilitated by the parallel project (Tekes-DENSY MULTIPOWER). Due to delays in that project, these verifications have been postponed.
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Publication statusPublished - 2007
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