DTP2 control room operator and remote handing operation designer responsibilities and information available to them

L. Aha (Corresponding Author), K. Salminen, A. Hahto, Hannu Saarinen, J. Mattila, Mikko Siuko, L. Semeraro

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    The purpose of the Divertor Test Platform 2 (DTP2) is to demonstrate the proof-of-concept level operations of ITER divertor maintenance devices, by remotely handling them from a dedicated control room. In order to verify safe and reliable remote handling (RH) maintenance operations, it is vital to repeat them equally every time. The operations shall be validated and restored beforehand by RH operation designers. During the actual operation the control room operators are following predefined operation sequences. After time passes, even the validated operation details will change and the sequences improve, but these changes should not be done during the actual operation.

    It is fundamental from safety perspective that the control room operator will not be able to make unintentional actions. Hence, during the operation the irrelevant information shall not be available to him. Also the software functionality available for other purposes than executing the operation shall be made invisible. Therefore, making careful user interface design is certainly relevant when designing control room sub-systems. In this paper, we introduce the current control room sub-systems used at the DTP2.We suggest utilizing user groups and user-centered design in the software development and implementation done in user group fashion is described.
    Original languageEnglish
    Pages (from-to)2078-2081
    Number of pages4
    JournalFusion Engineering and Design
    Issue number9-11
    Publication statusPublished - 2011
    MoE publication typeA1 Journal article-refereed
    Event26th Symposium of Fusion Technology, SOFT-26 - Porto, Portugal
    Duration: 27 Sept 20101 Oct 2010
    Conference number: 26


    • Remote handling
    • DTP2
    • Software development
    • User-centered design
    • User groups


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