Dynamic human reliability analysis (HRA): A literature review

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This report first clarifies the nature of human error and performance from a dynamic perspective, using two models, one relating to perception and another to situation awareness, as examples of that. The report also briefly describes the dynamic nature of the operating environment of the nuclear power plant operator.Thereafter, the meaning of the concept of dynamic human reliability analysis (HRA) is presented as it is expressed in scientific literature. The concept is not always defined but apparently, the dynamic nature is seen either in the phenomena dynamic HRA focuses on or defined as the methods used in human reliability assessment. Furthermore, dynamic HRA tends to scrutinise human error as closely related to the contextual aspects, opposed to the presently central but also older, static approach, according to which human is prone to make errors as such. Various methods presently available for dynamic HRA are presented. The largest group of methods concentrate on the simulation and modelling of human cognitive processes. No comprehensive methodology for dynamic HRA is created but instead, each method tends to focus on some aspect or aspects considered relevant from the dynamic perspective. Due to the context of the present HRA study, the hybrid control room is also scrutinised from the perspective of dynamic HRA. The nature of control room does not seem to raise needs or requirements for a specifically dynamic approach.Finally, conclusions are provided. Authors present their conception of dynamic HRA, discuss the need for the usage of dynamic HRA and contemplate the possibilities for the usage of dynamic HRA in the future.In the Appendix, a research plan for dynamic HRA research in NAPRA project in 2020 is provided. The research will consist of a survey to stakeholders, and a related empirical study.
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Place of PublicationEspoo
PublisherVTT Technical Research Centre of Finland
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Publication statusPublished - 11 Mar 2020
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  • HRA
  • human reliability analysis
  • dynamic HRA
  • hybrid
  • control room


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