Dynamic studies of integrated power plants

Mikko Jegoroff, Hannu Mikkonen, Matti Tähtinen, Timo Leino, Sami Tuuri

Research output: Contribution to conferenceConference articleScientific


The integration of concentrated solar and conventional power plants is one of the most promising and recently growing renewable technologies for electricity and heat generation in large scale. The hybrid concepts enable reduction in the consumption of fossil fuels and greenhouse gas emissions as the solar field produces part of the plant's heat/steam load. The objective of this work was to study how the thermal stresses in a superheater tube fluctuate during a day in a combined CSP-CFB power plant with dynamical modelling in Apros. Secondary aim was to find the dynamical events taking place in the studied process concept. The thermal stresses in a superheater tube were found to fluctuate during a day in a combined CSP-CFB power plant. The variation in stress was found to be the greatest when the CSP plant was connected to the CFB steam circuit in the morning. However, the changes in stress can be decreased by better control methods. These can be developed using the Apros CSP-CFB model. The platform provides excellent base to study dynamical behaviour of the integrated energy production and to develop and optimize control strategies, upper level controls, and operational practices. Material issues can also be studied with the new material stress module.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 2015
EventPOWER-GEN Europe Conference and Exhibition - Amsterdam, Netherlands
Duration: 9 Jun 201511 Jun 2015


ConferencePOWER-GEN Europe Conference and Exhibition


  • Apros
  • CFB
  • CSP
  • measurement

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    Jegoroff, M., Mikkonen, H., Tähtinen, M., Leino, T., & Tuuri, S. (2015). Dynamic studies of integrated power plants. Paper presented at POWER-GEN Europe Conference and Exhibition, Amsterdam, Netherlands.