EB-DEMO - Canister sealing demonstration

Heikki Raiko (Editor), Ismo Meuronen, Jorma Pitkänen, Timo Salonen, Nils-Christian Wikström, Veli-Matti Ämmälä

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Po­siva ex­e­cuted the EB-DEMO pro­ject dur­ing 2007-2008, whose tar­get was to show, what the ac­tual level of com­pe­tence was in seal­ing tech­nol­ogy and qual­ity con­trol of cop­per can­is­ters in the com­pany at the time.

The demon­stra­tion of the pre­pared­ness of seal­ing the can­is­ters was planned and de­cided to ex­e­cute by weld­ing a se­ries of 12 cop­per lids to cop­per cylin­ders. The lids were full-size and man­u­fac­tured ac­cord­ing to ac­tual de­sign draw­ings. The cop­per shell was mod­elled with a 450 mm long part of a full-size cop­per cylin­der. Longer or heav­ier part of cylin­der can be used but 450 mm long can­is­ter is long enough to have sim­i­lar tem­per­a­ture field near weld area as in the case of full scale can­is­ter.

The weld­ing process pa­ra­me­ters were de­fined be­fore­hand ac­cord­ing to the ex­pe­ri­ence gained from ear­lier weld­ing ex­per­i­ments and the pa­ra­me­ters were not changed or trimmed dur­ing the demon­stra­tion test se­ries, in spite of the fact that the demon­stra­tion was ex­e­cuted as three sep­a­rate stages.

In the lid welds of the first test se­ries, all the welds in­cluded plenty of in­di­ca­tions that ex­ceeded the ac­cep­tance level. The sec­ond test se­ries in­cluded a few in­di­ca­tions ex­ceed­ing the ac­cep­tance level and the third se­ries was through­out ac­cept­able. It is ev­i­dent that the mi­nor process dis­tur­bances caused by the equip­ment did not cause the in­di­ca­tions lead­ing to re­jec­tion. In­stead, the sur­face qual­ity and clean­ness of the com­po­nents to be EB-welded seem to cor­re­late strongly with the amount of weld­ing faults. The num­ber of faults be­came the less the bet­ter the sur­face clean­ness was.

The out­come was that the cur­rent ex­per­tise in EB-weld­ing and qual­ity con­trol of the weld us­ing the avail­able equip­ment led to ac­cept­able seal­ing welds and the qual­ity could be re­li­ably ver­i­fied by the NDT-meth­ods.
Original languageEnglish
Place of PublicationEurajoki
Number of pages106
Publication statusPublished - Dec 2009
MoE publication typeD4 Published development or research report or study

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SeriesPosiva Working Report


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