Ethical consideration of home monitoring technology: A qualitative focus group study

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    Ubiquitous monitoring and data collection technology makes it possible to monitor older people's activities and to detect human performance. However, unobtrusive intelligent technology to be used in older people's homes raises many ethical issues. This paper illustrates the results of a study which examines the most pressing ethical concerns of both older people and care professionals regarding ubiquitous home monitoring. The study was divided into two parts: (I) Studied monitoring technology as experienced by older people and (II) Examined the technology in home care in the context of ethical principles. The method was a human-centred focus group discussion, based on a semi-structured group interview technique. Talking about technology in relation to one's personal life and work opened an important path: discussing the meaningfulness of monitoring technology and gerontechnology in general. Designers and care workers should be encouraged to discuss and reflect on ethical issues related to emerging technologies. Further research should be carried out, and awareness should be increased regarding the range of value issues.

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    Publication statusPublished - 1 Mar 2018
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    • Ethics
    • Home monitoring
    • Meaningfulness
    • Older adults


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