From Research Questions to Logging Requirements: L3Pilot Deliverable D3.1

Daryl Hibberd, Tyron Louw, Elina Aittoniemi, Rino Brouwer, Mandy Dotzauer, Felix Fahrenkrog, Satu Innamaa, Salla Kuisma, Natasha Merat, Barbara Metz, Merja Penttinen, Pablo Puente Guillen, Christian Rösener, Anne Silla, Thomas Streubel, Fabio Tango, Benedikt van den Boom, Hendrik Weber, Johanna Woerle, Alexander Zerbe

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    L3Pilot is a large-scale, Europe-wide, real-world pilot study of SAE Level 3 automated driving functions. The functions to be tested include a Motorway Chauffeur, Urban Chauffeur, and Parking Chauffeur, all designed to enable the driver to move safely and efficiently through selected road environments. This deliverable reports the results of applying the ‘FESTA ‘V’ methodology to the development of a set of Research Questions that will be used to direct the study of SAE Level 3 (and Level 4) automated driving.
    The main result reported here is a list of Research Questions (RQs) with associated hypotheses, performance indicators and required vehicle-based data logging needs, agreed by partners, following a series of iterations . These RQs are tied to a specific Evaluation Area and Impact Area which were defined at the outset of the L3Pilot project, and are motivated by the FESTA approach and existing literature in the field. The RQ-list is intended as a ‘living document’, to be reviewed and revised as more detailed information becomes available about the ADFs for test (reported in D4.1), and further work is completed in the matching of Experimental Methods and Evaluation Methods to Research Questions. The document is delivered with an accompanying Table showing the selected Research Questions, with related hypotheses and performance indicators in additional detail.
    The output from this Deliverable feeds into the work conducted by WP3.4 and WP3.5, where experimental procedures and evaluation methods are mapped on to this Research Questions list, and the feasibility of each RQ is assessed through interaction with partners involved in the preparation and delivery of the pilot studies, and the evaluation activities (SP7).
    This deliverable also informs the pre-piloting stage of the ADFs in SP4, such that the experimental studies can be designed and set-up with the Research Questions and hypotheses in mind. The definition of Performance Indicators required for the evaluation of the ADFs supports the production of piloting tools and testing of the data processing and analysis chain (SP5), before full-scale, on-road, testing begins (SP6).
    This work will also provide contributions to the Code of Practice for the Development of ADFs (SP2); specifically the amendments to the FESTA methodology to accommodate testing of SAE Level 3 and Level 4 ADFs.
    The final version of the RQs that will be addressed in the L3Pilot project will be reported in D3.4 Final Evaluation Plan.
    Original languageEnglish
    Number of pages81
    Publication statusPublished - 2018
    MoE publication typeNot Eligible


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