Seppo Karttunen, Markus Airila

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    This Annual Report summarises the fusion research activities of the Finnish and Estonian Research Units of the Association Euratom-Tekes in 2010. The emphasis of the new EFDA is in exploiting JET and co-ordinating physics research in the Associations. In addition, emerging technology and goal oriented training activities are under EFDA. The first R&D Grant for the Joint Undertaking "Fusion for Energy" on remote handling for ITER divertor maintenance was completed successfully in 2010 and the second Grand started. The activities of the Research Unit are divided in the fusion physics under the Contract of Association and EFDA. The physics work is carried out at VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, Aalto University, University of Helsinki and University of Tartu (Estonia). The research areas of the EFDA Workprogramme are: * Heat and particle transport and plasma edge phenomena * Plasma-wall interactions and material transport in SOL region * Code development and diagnostics. Association Euratom-Tekes participated in the EFDA JET Workprogramme 2010 in diagnostics development, code integration and analysis of the results from the experimental campaigns C20-C27. Two persons were seconded to the JET operating team, one physicist (codes & modelling) and one engineer (remote handling) in preparation of the ITER-like-Wall. In addition, the Tekes Association participated in the 2010 experimental programme of ASDEX Upgrade at IPP. The Technology work is carried out at VTT, Aalto University, Tampere University of Technology and Lappeenranta University of Technology in close collaboration with Finnish industry. Industrial participation is co-ordinated by Tekes. The technology research and development is focused on the remote handling, materials and joining techniques, vessel/in-vessel components plus some activities in JET Technology: * Divertor Test Platform (DTP2) at VTT in Tampere for remote handling of divertor maintenance and development of water hydraulic tools and manipulators * Magnetic diagnostics by micromechanical magnetometers for ITER * Upgrading of the JET NPA diagnostics * Plasma facing materials issues, erosion/re-deposition and material transport studies and developing coating techniques * Development of advanced welding methods and IWR cutting/welding robot * Application of powder HIP method for fabrication of ITER vessel/in-vessel components * In-reactor mechanical testing and characterisation of materials under neutron irradiation. The Association Euratom-Tekes is involved in two Goal Oriented Training projects: GOTiT for theory and modelling GOTRH for remote handling which started in late 2010. GOTRH is coordinated by the Tampere University of Technology.
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    Publication statusPublished - 2011
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    • nuclear fusion
    • fusion energy
    • fusion research
    • fysion physics
    • fusion technology
    • fusion reactors
    • fusion reactor materials
    • ITER remote handling
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