Future Business Networks in Russia for Project Based Business

Kalle Kähkönen, Pekka Huovila

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This paper provides discussion on variety of relevant business networks and their development for construction operations in Russia. Various business networks in the context of temporary projects require special attention also from the managerial viewpoint. Such networks are of strategic importance and thus they should be monitored and maintained systematically. Practical tools for this purpose are rare or do not exist. A specific tool is proposed for estimating and communicating the degree of formal and informal relationships with regard of different networks on focus. Additionally, for future operations and network development new type of so called broker centred business networks are proposed as a new instrument that would help companies to be more agile and reactive in dynamically developing markets. However, a local cultural condition needs to be taken carefully in consideration when such networks are under development. Furthermore, a local condition is a vast country such as Russia can vary considerably from one region to another. Thus one should keep in mind that the research behind of this paper has its origins merely in the Moscow and St. Petersburg area.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationSTROI-network - Business Networks in Russia
Subtitle of host publicationFinal Report 2009. Part 2: Academic articles
EditorsSeppo Niittymäki, Lauri Tenhunen, Marina Weck, Timo Lod, Teuvo Tolonen, Kalle Kähkönen, Eero Niippala, Anna-Leena Perälä, Vera Minina, Elena Dmitrienko, Anastasia Krupskaya, Nikolay Filinov, Olga Tretyak, Alex Settles, Nadejda Bek, Ekaterina Buzulukova, Nikita Popov, Alexander Rozhkov, Nina Vladimirova
PublisherHämeen ammattikorkeakoulu
ChapterPart 2 : 2.2
ISBN (Electronic)978-951-784-512-0
Publication statusPublished - 2010
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