Ignition sources at testing of mattresses

Tiia Ryynänen, Liisa Pakkala

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The object of this project was to compare different ignition sources in order to find out a NORDTEST method or combination of methods to test the flammability of mattresses. Two types of cigarette tests were used: cigarette covered with non-smoulderable insulation (glass fibre batting) and with smoulderable insulation (cotton wool). Four types of cribs were used in tests: BS ignition source 5 (17 g) and 7 (126 g) (BS 5852: Part 2:1982) and NT Fire 007 crib (40 g) and fourth part of if (17 g). One ignition source was a polyester fibre filled pillow (20 g). The test material oonsisted of three typical mattress foams and two ticking fabrics. The damage caused by the different ignition sources on mattresses of different composition was studied. 2 - 4 parallel tests with each ignition source and each filling-ticking combination were made. The effect of burning ignition sources on mattresses was compared with the damage caused by burning bedclothes (guilt, blanket, pillow, bed linen). The following ignition sources showed in this respect good correlation: smouldering cigarette/smoulderable bedding, 1/4 NT Fire 007, BS ignition source 5 and pillow. The type of ignition of BS cribs is better than the type of ignition of NT cribs, but BS cribs are slow to assemble and because of their high construction only a minor part of the thermal loading is directed downwards on mattress. The NT cribs are in this respect better. And, because of the lower construction they have smaller "square weight" and so they correspond to bedclothes better than BS cribs. The pillow ignition source is also good in this respect. Perhaps the best flaming ignition source in estimating the fire safety of mattresses would be a low crib (like NT Fire 007 crib) weighing 15 - 20 g. The type of ignition of the crib should be like the type of ignition of BS cribs. Before a NORDTEST method can be suggested, the flaming ignition sources, which in this examination look promising, should be examined more. Of the smouldering type of ignition sources the smouldering cigarette/smoulderable bedding test looks promising.
Original languageEnglish
Place of PublicationEspoo
PublisherVTT Technical Research Centre of Finland
Number of pages44
ISBN (Print)951-38-2716-X
Publication statusPublished - 1986
MoE publication typeD4 Published development or research report or study

Publication series

SeriesValtion teknillinen tutkimuskeskus. Tiedotteita


  • ignition
  • furniture
  • furnishing fabrics
  • textiles
  • fire tests
  • fire safety
  • testing
  • test methods
  • flammability
  • standardization
  • estimation


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