Impact assessment and user perception of cooperative systems: DRIVE C2X Deliverable D11.4

Kerry Malone, Jeroen Hogema, Satu Innamaa, Stefan Hausberger, Martin Dippold, Martijn van Noort, Erica de Feijter, Pirkko Rämä, Elina Aittoniemi, Thomas Benz, Holger Enigk, Ion Giosan, Catrin Gotschol, Dan Gustafsson, Ines Heinig, Konstantinos Katsaros, David Neef, Luciano Ojeda, Roland Schindhelm, Christin SütterlinFilippo Visintainer

    Research output: Book/ReportReport


    DRIVE C2X aimed at delivering a comprehensive assessment of cooperative systems functions, providing for instance: warnings about road hazards (road works, weather, traffic jam...) or information to optimise arriving at and passing a traffic light. The assessment used log data resulting from Field Operational Tests (FOTs) carried out on several test sites located in different EU countries. This deliverable reports the activities carried out as part of the DRIVE C2X sub-project 4: It reports on the impacts and user acceptance of the DRIVE C2X functions, based on driver behaviour and surveys in the Field Operational Tests (FOTs).
    Original languageEnglish
    PublisherEuropean Commission EC
    Number of pages324
    Publication statusPublished - 2014
    MoE publication typeD4 Published development or research report or study



    • cooperative systems
    • transport
    • impact assesment

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    Malone, K., Hogema, J., Innamaa, S., Hausberger, S., Dippold, M., van Noort, M., de Feijter, E., Rämä, P., Aittoniemi, E., Benz, T., Enigk, H., Giosan, I., Gotschol, C., Gustafsson, D., Heinig, I., Katsaros, K., Neef, D., Ojeda, L., Schindhelm, R., ... Visintainer, F. (2014). Impact assessment and user perception of cooperative systems: DRIVE C2X Deliverable D11.4. European Commission EC.