Implications of take-up

M. Karlsson, M. Alonso, P. Engelbrektsson, M. Hakonen, Satu Innamaa, A. May, T. Ross, M.H. Vega

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    The overall objectives of the TeleFOT project are to evaluate the impact of nomadic and aftermarket devices (ND) on four impact areas: efficiency, environment, mobility and safety. The fifth area to be investigated is user uptake. By user uptake is here meant the extent to which users adopt and integrate the ND and the functions offered into their everyday life, i.e. invest in them, use them and make use of the functions in relation to planning and undertaking journeys by car and/or by other means of transport. The primary objectives of this deliverable, D4.7.2. Implications of Take Up, are to present (i) the results of a preliminary analysis regarding user uptake of functions and (ii) an assessment of the feasibility of the initial analysis plan as proposed in D4.7.1. Take-Up of Functions. Data Analysis Plan. The deliverable provides a summary of the results from data collected in the Swedish pilot study, the before phase of the Swedish L-FOT2 and in the before phase of the Finnish LFOT. The results indicate that willingness to pay exists but the sum that the participants are willing to pay each month for access to functions is between 1-10 EURO. Furthermore acceptance, i.e. the participants' inclination to keep the devices and functions, is influenced by several factors. Perceived usefulness is one important factor. Trust in the information and function appear to be another factor. Initial, anticipated effects are likely to change over time. For some functions the change may be positive, for others it may be negative depending upon the participants initial anticipation and the outcome of the tests. It appears as though the anticipated positive effects are higher for the Green Driving Support and the Speed Alert/Speed Limit Information than for Navigation Support and Traffic Information. Furthermore the anticipated effects are predominantly linked to the main purpose of the function (e.g. change in speed) while effects on a higher level are not. Adoption of function in terms of effect on speed (safety), in terms of choice of route and/or mode of transport (mobility), or as effect on fuel consumption (environment), are addressed by the respective impact areas. The results of the pilot study and the before phase of the LFOTs indicate that the expected as well as reported changes are small
    Original languageEnglish
    PublisherEuropean Commission EC
    Number of pages101
    Publication statusPublished - 2011
    MoE publication typeD4 Published development or research report or study

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    SeriesTeleFOT Deliverables


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