Introducing Joint Research Project «Quantum Ampere» for the Realisation of the New SI Ampere

Hansjörg Scherer (Corresponding author), Stephen P Giblin, Xavier Jehl, Antti Manninen, François Piquemal, David A. Ritchie

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    The metrology community lately has adopted the long-term aim of basing the SI unit system on fundamental constants of nature. The base electrical unit, the ampere, will then be re-defined in terms of a fixed value of the elementary charge e. The most direct realization of the new ampere definition requires controlling the number of electrons which flow in a unit time interval, and of counting the errors occurring in this process of clocking single electrons. State of the art nanofabrication technology allows the fabrication of single-electron transport devices - known as single-electron pumps - which generate electric current by moving electrons one at a time. These devices are capable of delivering currents of about 100 pA with an accuracy at the 1 part per million level. Also, ultrasensitive single-electron detectors have been explored that allow electric charge detection on a resolution level below e. The European Joint Research Project presented here, undertaken by a consortium of several research institutes, aims at further developing the best existing concepts of single-electron pumps and to combine them with single-electron detectors for creating highly accurate quantum current sources, to be used as future current standards. Furthermore, necessary current measurement instrumentation will be developed. The paper comprises the project aims and the main results achieved so far.
    Original languageEnglish
    Title of host publication16th International Congress of Metrology
    EditorsJ.-R. Filtz, B. Larquier, P. Claudel, J.-O. Favreau
    PublisherEDP Sciences
    Publication statusPublished - 2014
    MoE publication typeA4 Article in a conference publication

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    SeriesEPJ Web of Conferences


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