Key development phases of condebelt: Long journey from idea to commercial product

E. Retulainen

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    The development of Condebelt from idea to a commercial product took twenty one years. The first patent was issued 1975 and the start-up of the first mill scale installation was 1996. The results obtained from the first mill scale applications have clearly exceeded the early expectations put on the paper properties. The progression of the development work was not a continuos and steady. The development work was even halted for nearly three years in early 80's. However, since the late 80's extensive efforts were made to commercialize the process. Several static test dryers and two dynamic pilot machines were built. The second pilot machine especially offers versatile capabilities to study the drying process and it's effects on commercial paper and board grades. Recent efforts have concentrated in applying the concept to increasingly wider machines and higher speeds. Technically Condebelt has been a success, a brilliant example of perseverance and ingenuity. However, the extent of work needed to overcome the encountered problems probably was seriously underestimated. Commercially it has not become a success story, yet. But it has all the possibilities to become a one.
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    Pages (from-to)2451-2467
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    JournalDrying Technology
    Issue number10
    Publication statusPublished - Nov 2001
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    • Drying rate
    • Paper drying
    • Paper properties
    • Press drying
    • Product development


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