Method and system for maintaining purity of anode or cathode gas in a fuel cell

Jari Ihonen (Inventor)

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    The invention relates to a system and method for reducing impurities on the anode or cathode side of a fuel cell. The system comprises the anode or cathode of a fuel cell, a fuel or oxidizer feed line for feeding fuel or oxidizer to the anode or cathode respectively, and a circulation line connected to the fuel or oxidizer feed line for circulating part of the fuel or oxidizer through it. According to the invention, at least one filter for removing impurities in the fuel or oxidizer is arranged in the circulation line. With the aid of the invention, enriched impurities in the circulation can be cost-effectively removed, in order to increase the operating life of the fuel cell.

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    Original languageEnglish
    Patent numberEP2483960
    IPCH01M 8/ 06 A I
    Priority date1/10/10
    Publication statusPublished - 8 Aug 2012
    MoE publication typeH1 Granted patent


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