Multi-Service Architecture for mobility services

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    The work done in the SUNTIO2 project and reported in this document aims at providing assets for realizing the Multi-Service Model for the creation, provision and supply of mobility services. It is continuation for the work done in PASTORI and SUNTIO projects in which the Multi-Service Model has been developed. The central result of the work culminates to the set of requirements for the system realizing Multi-Service Model and the functional architecture for such a system. The requirements, and hence the functional architecture, are based on several sources. First, the participants of the SUNTIO2 project formed a representative selection of potential roles in the Multi-Service Model and were, thus, provided invaluable sources of stakeholder aspirations. In addition, discussions with numerous other stakeholders during the project complemented this view. The extensive survey of the state-of-the-art as well as past and on-going efforts in the field of ITS and mobility services gave also important input to the work. Furthermore, the analysis of two service use cases helped greatly in the concretization of the requirements. The architecture for Multi-Service Facilitation (MSF) created on the base of the requirements introduces the high-level functionality required for the realization of the Multi-Service Model. It includes such central elements as: MSF Centre for server side functionality, MSF Client Framework for offering user interface for MSF Centre and building service frontends, MSF Service Framework for service providers to co-operate in service provision and B2B Marketplace to facilitate the business ecosystem.
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    Publication statusPublished - 2013
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    • Multi-Service Model
    • Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)
    • mobility services
    • requirements
    • architecture
    • state-of-the-art


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