National innovation system profile of Sweden

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    The paramount document formulating and compiling Swedish national research and innovation policy is the quadrennial research and innovation bill, which has two main functions. First, it lays out the framework for investments and priorities for the coming four years. The second goal is to formulate and codify the analysis of the state of the Swedish research and innovation system. The general assessment of the national Swedish research and innovation system in the 2012 bill highlights the following structural challenges for the Swedish research and innovation system: (1) The general level of quality of Swedish (academic) research is already high but needs significant improvements to become globally competitive in coming decades. (2) Interaction between the academic sector (basic research) and industry (applied research and development) is generally too low and inefficient, which shows not least in the suboptimal performance in commercialization of research results from academia, and (3) Swedish public research is impressive in its breadth but needs to improve its specialization and performance in certain cutting-edge fields, and prioritize more clearly between focus areas and less important areas. Governmental policy formulation has been explicit in at least three consecutive research bills (2004, 2008, 2012), as well as other official documents (e.g. the 2012 National Innovation Strategy) that the public R&D system is in need of strategic mobilization and purposeful efforts to enhance the level of interaction between academia and industry/society to strengthen the innovativeness of the economy at large. Several specific policies have also been launched to enable and enforce strategic mobilization (the Strategic Research Areas and the recent programs to recruit internationally leading scientists), to raise overall quality levels (resource increases) and to facilitate commercialization of research results (investments in the institute sector and in innovation offices).
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