New Technologies for Cosmetics Applications

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This poster presentation provides an overview of novel, miniaturized cell-based screening technologies developed at VTT, which can be utilized to rapidly identify a spectrum of diverse bioactivities in plant-derived extracts, plant (stem) cell cultures, or isolated compounds & derivatives used particularly for applications in cosmetic and healthcare. We introduce a suite of miniaturized, cell-based screening technologies with a phenotypic (morphometric) readout that can be complemented by microscopic imaging & automated image analyses. Both label-free and reporter-based assay systems are utilized, also in parallel; and complex co-cultures of epithelial with stromal/dermal fibroblasts can be performed for up to 4 weeks. This offers a unique opportunity to test for long-term, subtle effects in ex vivo model systems that faithfully recapitulate many critical aspects of human tissue organization. Also long-term toxicology, stress- and DNA damage response can be measured with unprecedented sensitivity, in a biologically relevant context. Furthermore, we will give an update on recent activities within VTT’s plant biotechnology area, aiming to capture the enormous biosynthetic capacity of plants for the sustainable production of complex compounds, raw materials, and defined ingredients for cosmetics and pharmacology. Our research focus spans from testing bioactive secondary metabolites to recombinant proteins isolated from medicinal plants, plant cell cultures, stem cells, berries and cereals. We utilize modern tools such as functional genomics, metabolic profiling and their combination to supplement more conventional methods. VTT’s state-of-the art technology platforms facilitate plant systems biology and plant biotechnology to the needs of our customers particularly in the area of cosmetics, natural bioactive additives, and consumer health
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 2013
MoE publication typeNot Eligible
EventCosmetic Innovation Days, COSMINNOV 2013 - Orleans, France
Duration: 8 Oct 20139 Oct 2013


ConferenceCosmetic Innovation Days, COSMINNOV 2013

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