Pulsed electric current sintering of the Al2O3-15wt-%ZrO2 nanocomposites with 3wt-% of different solid lubricants

Erkin Cura, Seung-Ho Kim, Sung-Hun Cho, Tomi Suhonen, Tatu Muukkonen, Antti Vaajoki, Outi Söderberg, Ulla Kanerva, Soo Wohn Lee, Simo-Pekka Hannula

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    High temperature low friction materials are sought for use in engines in order to reduce energy consumption of the machines. Due to the high service temperatures solid lubricating materials are necessary. This study is designed to find the optimal processing conditions for preparing these materials by pulsed electric current sintering. In this study, the Al2O3 - 15wt% ZrO2 (AZ) nanocomposite was modified with 3 wt% of self-lubricating component (CaF2, BaF2, MoS2, WS2, h-BN, or graphite). After the preparation of the alumina-zirconia powder mixture solid lubricant powder was added. Powders were then mixed in ethanol for 24 h, dried in a rotary evaporator, and in oven at 80°C for 24 h. The particle size distribution of the powders was established with the laser method. Powders were compacted by using pulsed electric current sintering technique at 1300 °C with 50 MPa for 5 min in vacuum. The structure of the materials was studied with XRD and SEM. Density of the compacts was measured with the Archimedes method and their hardness was evaluated by applying HV1 hardness with the instrumented indentation techniques. Their mechanical behavior was further studied with the instrumented scratch testing.
    Original languageEnglish
    Pages (from-to)473-476
    JournalMaterials Science Forum
    Publication statusPublished - 2011
    MoE publication typeNot Eligible


    • nanocomposite
    • Pulsed Electric Current Sintering (PECS)
    • Solid Lubricant


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