Sähköinen partikkelinvarausjärjestelmä ja kaasunsuodatusmenetelmä; Elektriskt system för laddning av partiklar och förfarande för filtrering av gas

Translated title of the contribution: Granule charging system and gas filtration system

Kimmo Heinonen (Inventor), Tapio Kalliohaka (Inventor), Matti Lehtimäki (Inventor), Matti Niemeläinen (Inventor), Hannu Salmela (Inventor), Seppo Enbom (Inventor)

Research output: PatentPatent


The utility model relates to a filtration of gas flow (especially air current). Specifically, the utility model relates to a granule charging system and gas filtration system for the granule charging system and the gas filtration method of gas filtration system. A discharge device (12A -12C) and earth potential device that is used for the granule charging system of gas flow pipeline to include can carry the current potential. In addition, exist being used for with the DC current potential preach to discharge device (12A -12C) and with the earth potential conduct to earthing device (14A -14D) for being contained in with near the charging district discharge device (12A -12C) the device that the interior granule of gas flow pipeline charges. According to the utility model discloses, discharge device (12A -12C) is including the corona discharge component of one or more convergent. The utility model discloses the permission is charged for the granule at electret filter unit's etc. The upper reaches effectively.

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CN205008109U 20160203 CN201520057379U 20150127      
DE202015000607 U1 20150603 DE201520000607U 20150127      
FI125997 B 20160513 FI20140005081 20140127     
FI20145081 A 20150728 FI20140005081 20140127

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Translated title of the contributionGranule charging system and gas filtration system
Original languageMultiple
Patent numberFI20145081
IPCB03C 3/ 45 A I
Priority date27/01/14
Publication statusPublished - 28 Jul 2015
MoE publication typeH1 Granted patent


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