SmartRail Living Lab Concept and Supporting Technical Environment: SmartTram1 WP4 and WP5 Project Report

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In Tampere, the activities related to the new tramway hasgiven birth to the SmartRail ecosystem led by tram manufacturer ŠkodaTranstech. Its work, together with Tampere Tramway ltd. (Tampereen RaitiotieOy), City of Tampere and numerous companies and research groups, aims at usercentric mobility services, sustainable mobility and new business opportunitiesin the context where the new Tampere tramway lies. This document presents brieflythe aforementioned ecosystem consisting of the stakeholders involved in thedevelopment of the Tampere tramway, trams and their operation, publictransportation as well as services to the citizens in the context of publictransportation. The document is focused on the Living Lab concept adapted tosupport both the participative development of the city services related to thenew tramway and to the public transportation as a whole according to theecosystem goals. Furthermore, selected use cases related to the ecosystemtargets as well as living lab operation are analysed in order to deducerequirements for the technical system required to support the R&D&Iwork in the ecosystem. Document elaborates the use cases analysed to thespecification of the Urban Mobility Data Space (UMDS) along with its overallsystem architecture. The specified technical environment serves at the sametime as a part of the SmartRail Living Lab (Living Lab ICT) and more generallyas a mobility research data environment serving also other R&D&I activities. In addition, the document presents first round of proof-of-conceptimplementation of the systems and some remarks.
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Publication statusPublished - 28 Sept 2021
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