Solutions for intelligent nutrition: Nutritech roadmap

Emilia Selinheimo, Maria Saarela, Minna Halonen, Raija Koivisto, Aimo Tiilikainen, Marika Lyly, Jarno Mikkonen, Pekka Lehtinen, Mirja Mokkila, Anu Kaukovirta-Norja, Kaisa Poutanen

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The objective of the Nutritech roadmap was to feature drivers, needs and future potential for various actors involved in the food production, distribution chain, and communication services. Seven general drivers influencing the challenges and needs of stakeholders in the area of food, nutrition and eating patterns were first identified: healthcare costs, sustainability, ubiquitous ICT, information flow, ageing, cultural mixing and individualism. Then five themes, Convenience, Values and communality, Physiological functionality, Communication and Personification, were defined in multidisciplinary workshops. The themes were discussed in a view of nutrition and eating habits. Based on the formulated visions of these five themes, various fields in which there is a need for innovations to improve food supply and to facilitate healthy eating were identified. Development of technologies to produce new healthy foods is the core of the system. Modern exploitation of enzymes and microbial fermentation offers plenty of opportunities to design specific product properties, and also for boosting of energy and raw material efficiency. Revealing of the physiological responses in humans and subsequent health effects is facilitated by the rapid developments of nutritional systems biology. Both control and design of the production chain and the research in the area of health effects produce plenty of interesting information to the consumer. Capitalizing on this information and design of convenient and experience-giving packaging and delivery systems is a large opportunity. Development of new packaging materials and ubiquitous ICT offer potential for innovations in this respect. ICT may also help to educate consumers to realise the benefits of healthy eating by diagnostic and monitoring tools. The vision for Nutritech roadmap was formulated as "Well-being through eating". Producing, delivering and consuming the right types of foods maintain health, enhance quality of life and contribute to sustainable environment. Intelligent nutrition is based on choices of foods and meals which bring multiple values to the consumer: pleasure for the senses, fulfilment of values, and benefits for health. In the modern society, intelligent nutrition solutions means, in addition to development of food production systems, also development of delivery, communication and personalization services for the needs of urban consumers. This opens up a range of new business opportunities. This roadmap will serve as a starting point for the VTT Innovation Programme "Solutions for Intelligent Nutrition", where the aim is to develop technologies and services enabling to achieve well-being through eating.
Original languageEnglish
Place of PublicationEspoo
PublisherVTT Technical Research Centre of Finland
Number of pages106
ISBN (Electronic)978-951-38-7543-5
ISBN (Print)978-951-38-7542-8
Publication statusPublished - 2009
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SeriesVTT Tiedotteita - Research Notes


  • food
  • nutrition
  • health
  • well-being
  • consumer
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