Steam-oxygen gasification of forest residues and bark followed by hot gas filtration and catalytic reforming of tars: Results of an extended time test

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Steam-oxygen gasification in a Circulating Fluidized-bed (CFB) reactor was developed for producing transportation fuels from different wood residues. This article presents the results of a two week test campaign, in which crushed forest residues and industrial bark mixture were used as the feedstocks. The aim of the work was to carry out extended time testing of the developed gasification and hot gas cleaning process and to determine the fate of different gas contaminants and trace components of wood. In the test runs, wood fuels were gasified in the CFB reactor at a 0.2-0.25. MPa pressure using a mixture of steam and oxygen as the gasification agent. A mixture of sand and dolomite was used as the bed material in order to maintain stable fluidization and to catalyse in-situ tar decomposition before hot filtration. Raw gas was filtered at ca. 550. °C and the filtered gas was then led into a two-stage catalytic tar reformer. The gasifier performance and the concentrations of different gas contaminants were determined at four different operating variable set points during a total of 215. h of operation. The results for carbon conversion efficiency, raw gas composition and the fate of fuel nitrogen, chlorine and trace metals are presented in this paper. The concentrations of gas contaminants were determined after the ceramic filter unit and after the catalytic reformer. The conversion efficiencies for hydrocarbon gases, tars and ammonia in the reformer are also presented. The test run was carried out as a continuous operation without any interruptions or operational problems.
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JournalFuel Processing Technology
Issue numberPart 1
Publication statusPublished - 2015
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  • biomass
  • gasification
  • fluidized-bed
  • filtration
  • reforming

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