Subcontract manufacturer's service portfolio in the metal industry

Kai Häkkinen, Merja Airola, Outi Kettunen

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticleScientificpeer-review


    The research focus in this study is on the subcontract manufacturer's service portfolio in the metal industry. The aim of the study was to identify new classification types to better understand the subcontract manufacturer's service business. A new kind of framework was developed to link the subcontract manufacturer's capabilities to their service offering. The service offering was divided into two main classes: 1) manufacturing services; 2) other services. These two classes were divided further into four subclasses: 1) manufacturing basic operations; 2) other manufacturing-related operations; 3) operative activities; 4) development activities. This classification was finally tested with two subcontract manufacturer companies.

    Original languageEnglish
    Pages (from-to)120-136
    Number of pages17
    JournalInternational Journal of Services and Operations Management
    Issue number1
    Early online date2016
    Publication statusPublished - 1 Jan 2018
    MoE publication typeA1 Journal article-refereed


    • Contract manufacturer
    • Metal industry
    • Service business
    • Service portfolio
    • Subcontract manufacture


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