Trespassing on Finnish railways

Anne Silla

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    Collisions between trains and pedestrians are the leading cause of fatality in train-related accidents worldwide [1]. Nevertheless, little research has been done in the area of the railway trespasser accidents. This study was designed to investigate how substantial a problem trespassing on Finnish railways is, what people think about trespassing, why they do it and what would make them stop.
    Sites where trespassing is frequent were explored by a questionnaire survey directed to engine drivers. In the survey form they were asked about locations where they have frequently observed trespassers and their suggestions for potential preventive measures. Based on the results more than 100 locations were specified where trespassing is frequent. From these sites three different locations in eastern Finland close to Lappeenranta were chosen for further
    analysis. The trespassers at the selected locations were counted by using cameras equipped with motion detectors. The trespassers at the same locations were interviewed. Specifically, the interview focused on their movement in the railway area, their possibilities and willingness to change their routes, how dangerous they think trespassing is and their awareness about the regulations
    regarding walking in the railway area. In addition, they were asked what would stop them from trespassing. At the same time questionnaires were sent to 1,500 households in Lappeenranta. In the questionnaires people were asked about their views about trespassing, possible means to prevent trespass, the dangerousness of trespassing and their awareness about the regulations
    regarding walking in the railway area. Results of the different parts of this study are presented in this paper
    Original languageEnglish
    Title of host publicationYoung Researchers Seminar 2007 - Papers on website
    PublisherEuropean Conference of Transport Research Institutes (ECTRI)
    Number of pages13
    Publication statusPublished - 2007
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    • trespassing
    • Finland
    • Railways
    • survey
    • measurement
    • questionnaire
    • interview


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